Day dreaming

I have been reminessing lately on this little dream I had a while back. You see it's a sweet little dream really. Picture this.

Zombie Appocolypse.

Boom. There it is. My sweet little dream involves a Zombie Appocolypse and a horde of unappriecated, over abused workers who just want to fight to survive. They have used up all of their buildings resources and need to move to the next building.... in the fight to get there they decide someone must be sacrificed. Any guesses who they used, let alone how they used them??

Oh boy, since you asked. They used their lazy ass boss as a wrecking ball, run behind him and pray his blubber holds them off as we go... I know this would never work in real life, but hey a girl can dream.

So today when my manager asked me what I was day dreaming about, of course I told him what anyone would tell a person... Our bosses death. He laughed, I laughed. He said if thought of that too, but not just for him.... He chuckled, I stared and he walked away... I wanna know how he kills me off damnit!

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