New Recruits?

I think getting new people is always hard, having to go through all the motions and train and the proceed to watch them in case they need help. Well, here at the good old center we have a few new recruits and I must say my boss picked the freshest daisies this time. I mean I really have to hand it to him. They make everything so hard that I was thinking back to when I was new and I really hope and pray that I was never as bad as some of these people are.

I guess we should start at level one, mostly due to that is where they are starting out at. The basic of the basic, CLEANING. It should not be that hard of a term to understand, and most of hem do. The hard part is learning where they fall in the food chain.

See first in command comes our wonderful boss who unlike the picture does not wear a suit and tie but oversized bowling shirts and a belt that holds up his belly. He will sit in his boss cave all damn day if he has to and only chose the most opportune moments to finally strut his stuff to see you taking a break, and then have the balls to tell you that you have nothing all day. I think he gave me a compliment once... maybe.

Next we have our ever helpful supervisors... (hint of sarcasm if you could not pick it up) Our supervisors are next in line and I will hand it to about two of them who actually do their job out of the 7 that we have, because most don't know what or how to even work 99.9% of our programs.

Our next little stop down the food chain is where you can find me :) Leads. Now in all honestly our titles mean nothing really just a little bit of piss yellow on my badge is all I have to show for it but hey I can use that small inkling of Supervisor Status whenever needed. (Mostly when our supervisors dont want to work or would rather not be there and go home early. We lead and try to help the rest of the staff become a team or in moat cases we act as buffers between the bosses and the rest of the staff.

Here we have our desk people, who I do not think I am above, but yet I am not above anyone. The only reason why the desk people are next in line is because in the absence of everyone else they deal directly with the customers and have to try and run the center by getting everyone to do their job.

Lastly on our list but not least... okay maybe least is our porters... mostly the cleaners.

And this is where this whole rant started. All newbs start out at porters. Hell I started here. What I dont understand about this new crop of people is how some of them cannot seem to catch onto one of the most basic jobs that I have ever even seen. Literally 99.999% of their job is cleaning and one of the new people we have can not even do that right, but hey you are not close enough to smell him. The rest of the percentage is calls on the radio or guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Our system is outdated and basic, and these people have been here long enough to learn our system and are still having issues.

Welll that is all for today. Probably makes no sense what so ever, but hey does it have to?

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