Asshole Day

Grinding gears, is when a customer comes in, in a mcshitty mood and some how turns their entire bad day on you. Everything you say and do is wrong. You can be the nicest person there, be very attentive and try to help them out or just be the crappiest worker and not even try and you will still be the issue of their day. And it seems, well at least for me, it seems that when there is one asshole there is always a nice days worth of assholes. It's almost as if they all decided to have a bad day at once and come in to try and test my jedi skills by being the BIGGEST ASSHOLES they can be. And you are sitting there reading this like, 'You work at a Bowling Center how bad could it be?' Let me tell you if they dont know their shoe size, you my friend are supposed to guess. and dear lord if you guess wrong? Or I think my favorite one has to be when you have to go talk to the kids because they are running down the lane on purpose and the Assholes are just sitting back drinking and laughing at their mini assholes in the making. God forbid you mention that they are not supposed to do that, because now you are on their personal level.

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