*Cough Cough*

Why I hate calling off work:

The anxiety I experience during the act of calling my manager to tell them I wonít be able to come in.

Me calling off means i feel so awful I canít get up and get ready

The fact that I donít get up makes me feel lazy

Laziness makes me feel guilty because I have an obligation that Iím basically blowing off for the purpose of being lazy.

When Iím finally feeling better during the day I feel like a big fat liarÖuntil the pain or complications come back and Iím taken right back  to point two.

I donít eat anything because I donít feel like getting up and making food.

Which means Iím hungry all day.

I also end up asking myself the question ďWas this really necessary?Ē

And then remembering that YES. YES IT WAS THIS MORNING!!

(the last two become a looping theme of the day)

Walking into work the next day and explaining why I had to call of to every scheduled employee at my work.

The process of thanking said scheduled employeeís when they inevitably wish me to feel better

 previous bullet sounds shitty but seriously itís the unanimous response, and I can almost guarantee Iíll hear it at least 25-35 times in a 8 hour period. **

lastly, and most importantly I hate it because damn it, I want the hours because I need the money -_-

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Guest post by "Peaches"
I was wondering what happened to you. Um, I hope you are feeling better.  Rolleyes

Submitted November 20, 2013 at 7:06PM

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